Where to use Text to Speech

where to use text to speech

To use text to speech, you have to where you need them. You might know about text to speech, what you can do with it, but you might find it challenging to know where you can use it. When I say where you can use it, I’m not talking about a place; I’m talking about the point where you can use text to speech. Text to speech has different functions that allow you to use them at different points. You should continue reading this article down to the end to know where you can use text to speech.

Text to Speech

Text to speech, also known as text to voice, or TTS, is a tool for converting a text file into an audio file. You can convert a text file by either pasting or uploading the text into the text to voice. After that, you can download it in an audio file. That’s how simple it is to make an audio file. Text to voice can convert text files of any format into audio. It can convert files in DOCX, PDF, and web pages. It can also convert text files on graphic formats like JPG and PNG. Text to voice can download all these files in different audio file formats, like WAV and MP3.

Text to voice can read out the contents of apps on your device. You can use it to read your emails, text messages, news app, ebooks, and web pages. Some of these apps have text to voice in them, but if they don’t, you can install a text to voice app on your device. Text to voice can read text files of any format, including Words, PDF, ebooks and web pages.

Uses of Text to Speech

For Reading Out Text

The primary use of text to voice is for reading aloud text to your hearing. Reading Aloud text is the main purpose of text to voice, and that’s what most people do with their text to voice. It can read web pages, emails, ebooks and contents of apps like your news app. Most satellite navigations also come with text to voice to read out directions to you while driving. To use a text to voice for this purpose, you have to install it on your device. You can listen to your favourite ebooks without first converting them into audio files. You also do not need an audio player to listen to your ebooks.

For Converting Text to Speech

Another reason to use text to speech is for converting text files into audio files. It is useful for those who have difficulty reading; they can use text to voice to convert their books into audiobooks. You can also use text to voice for converting your book so that you can listen to them anywhere and anytime. You’ll need an audio player to listen to the audio files. When choosing an audio file format, go for MP3 because you can play it on your MP3 player on your device.

Where to Use Text to Speech

text to speech

If You Want an Audiobook

There are many reasons for making an audiobook. It could be because you have much to read. If you have much to read within a limited time, you can convert your book into an audiobook and listen to them repeatedly. When you listen to an audiobook, you will cover more areas than reading the book. This reason applies to students because they sometimes have a lot to read before the exam.

Another reason could be because you have much to do at hand. You might love to read a book, but you are too busy to read anything, you can create an audiobook using a text to voice. After making the audiobook, you can listen to it while doing other things. It could be when you’re driving, in the kitchen, or at your business.

You can also use text to voice if you have kids. Kids love listening to stories, and you can convert their favourite storybooks into audiobooks. Play it to them at a much slower speed to make them enjoy it.   

When Starting a Small Business

When you’re starting a small business, you’ll surely need a website. You can integrate text to voice on your site to allow people to listen to the content on your site. Text to voice is useful on your website when it comes to customer service. Use text to voice along with a chatbot to give your customers or clients an automatic voice reply.

When building an app

If you have an app, you can integrate text to speech in it. It gives people the chance to listen to your app’s contents as they scroll through the app. For example, most dictionary apps have text to speech. You can listen to word pronunciations and also the whole contents of the page. It would be good to integrate text to voice if you have a news app, ebook app, social app, or business app.


You can use text to speech in many areas. You can use it to convert your books into audiobooks. Make use of text to speech on your business website and your apps. Also, use it when you have much to read, when you have much to do, and when you have kids.

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