Where can I Use Text to Voice on My Website?

use text to voice on your site

You might be thinking of using text to voice on your website, but you might not know where or how to do it. As a website owner, you want your customers or clients to access your site easily. You would also want them to be comfortable using your website and also recommend your site to others. Create options for those with reading challenges and those who would just like to listen to what’s on your site rather than reading them. You should use text to speech on your site if you want your customers to listen to your site’s content in spoken words. Some places on your websites are suitable for integrating text to speech, and if you want to know those places, you should continue reading this article.

Text to Voice

You can also refer to the text to voice as text to speech or TTS. There is the Text to speech online and the text to speech app, and you can use them to convert text into voice. You can use text to speech to convert documents, books and photos into audio files. You can also use text to speech to read aloud any app’s contents on your device. It could be emails, text messages or satellite navigation.

Features of Text to Voice

Multiple Voices and Languages

The most important feature of text to speech is the number of voices and languages in the application. A good text to speech has many voices and languages available for use. Some text to speech like google text to speech has more than 220 voices and 50 languages available for use. Another example is Textvoicer, a text to speech online with more than 200 voices and 47 languages. 

When a text to speech has many voices, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of voices. A text to speech with many voices usually has multiple voices within an accent. For example, some text to speech has about 4 or 5 voices of an Indian accent.

Multiple Text Formats

Text to speech can convert text files of different formats like PDF, DOCX, and TEXT. You can type, paste or upload any of those formats in the text to speech and then download it in audio formats. Text to speech can also read aloud different text types like ebooks, documents, emails, TXT, and text messages. Text to speech can also convert photos like PNG and JPG into text and then audio. It does that with the help of OCR, which means Optical Character Recognition. OCR scans documents and converts them into digital text.

Multiple Audio Formats

Text to speech can create a voice file in multiple audio formats. After converting a text, you can download it in different audio formats like WAV and MP3. You should download your file in MP3 format because it is clear, and you play it with an MP3 player.

Adjustable Voice Speed

Most text to speech have adjustable voice speed rate. This feature is important because everyone has a different rate at which we listen to sounds. Some people are comfortable listening to a fast-playing sound, while others are comfortable with a slow sound. In a text to speech reader, you can adjust the voice speed to suit your hearing.

Where to Use Text to Voice on Your Website

use text to voice on your site

Use Text to Voice to Read Blogs on Your Website

On your website, you should have a blog section to post articles about your products or business. These articles should be based on questions people ask about your business. Write articles that answer those questions, and also talk about your business. Sometimes, people don’t read articles to the end; they only scroll through them. If you want them to read your blogs to the end, add text to speech to it. When you add text to speech, it will read out the text with a human-like voice. 

Use Text to Voice to Reply to Customers on Your Website

A good entrepreneur cares about his customers and their questions. It should not take a long time for you to answer their questions. Reply to them immediately, but you can’t be online always. Use a chatbot to give your customers automatic replies to their questions. Add text to speech to the chatbot to give them a voice reply when they ask questions. That will make your customer service one of the best, and your customers would be impressed.

Use Text to Voice to Read Contents on Your Website

You can use text to speech to read contents on web pages. You can integrate text to voice on your website to it accessible to those with reading challenges. Users can use text to speech to read aloud long text on your website page. When choosing a text to speech, use one with a natural human-like voice.


There are many places you can use text to voice on your website. You can add it to your website to make users listen to your web content as it reads aloud. Add text to voice to your blog to read aloud text to their hearing. Make use of text to voice to speak out replies to your customers.

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