Where can I Get a Good Text to Voice?

A good text to voice will help you create a voice file without stres, and it will take you just a few minutes to create one. There are many text to voice out there that can make a voice file, but getting a good text to voice might not be as easy as you think. You need to check for some features in any text to speech you intend to use before going for it. These features will determine how easy it will be for you to convert your text into audio format. It also determines the quality of your audio files. To identify these features, you’ll have to continue reading this article. I’ll tell what text to voice is about, what makes a good one, and where to get it.

Text to Voice

You must have heard of text to voice and text to speech before now, but you might know little about them. Text to voice is the same as text to speech, or TTS. You can call it any of the names, but I’ll be using them interchangeably. 

As the name implies, text to voice converts text into speech. It converts text into speech by reading it aloud in human-like speech. When a text to speech does that, it is called a reader. Text to voice also converts text into an audio file, and you can play this file with an audio player. 

When a text to speech creates an audio file, it is called a converter. Whether a reader or converter, text to speech is a technology that reads aloud text in spoken words, and it also creates a voice file by changing text into voice.

What Makes a Good Text to Voice?

Voice and language

A good text to speech will have many voices and languages available for use. These voices can be up to 200 and more. Text to speech like Google cloud text to speech has more than 220 voices and 50 languages available. From these voices, you can choose between male and female. Choose the voice type that suits you most when converting text into voice. 

good text to speech

Other text to speech like Amazon Polly also has many voices within the range of 100 and more. These text to speech software do not have just the same voices repeatedly; rather, they are of different accents. For example, some text to speech has English voices with many accents.

Along with its voices, a good text to speech also has many languages available. You can choose from any of these languages to make your voice file. Text to speech with many languages usually has around 47 to 50 languages. For example, some text to speech can have up to 7 Indian languages. The more language a text to speech has, the more users it attracts.

Natural sounding voices

What makes a good text to speech does not stop just at the number of voices and languages available. The text to speech must also have natural-sounding human-like speech. Technologies like ASR, AI and API allow for speech synthesis. You can add your voice to the text to speech, and you can record words individually to convey emotion, like happiness and sadness.

Where You Can Get a Good Text to Voice

You can Get a Good Text to Speech Online

If you want to convert text into an audio file, you can search online for a good text to speech. There is much text to speech online you can use but choose the one with the right features. Most of the text to speech online are converters; they convert text into an audio file. You can also use them to read aloud text if only you copy and paste or upload the text into it. Then, you can play the text.

App Stores

In this store, you can get both the text to speech converter and reader. Search for the kind of text to speech app that suits your needs, and install it on your device. In an app store, you’ll find a text to speech converter, reader, and one that has both a converter and reader. Before downloading any app, read the customer’s review to the feedback of those who have previously used the app. Then, you can decide whether to get the app or go for others.

Inbuilt software

Modern smart devices have built-in text to speech technology that reads text aloud with a natural voice. You can use the built-in text to speech if you want to read contents like text messages, emails, ebooks and web pages. Inbuilt text to speech has an intelligent voice that can read aloud the contents of those apps.


To get a good text to voice, search online for a text to speech that suits your needs. Whether you need a text to speech reader or converter, the app store is best for you to get them. Make use of the inbuilt text to speech software for reading out text on your device.

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