What is the Best Text to Voice Software?

What is the Best Text to Voice Software?

If you want to use text to voice software, you should go for the best. To get the best software, you need to know some things about text to voice. These things are in all text to speech software, but some software has better versions than others. You can do many things with a text to voice; you can use it as a reader or a converter. Make use of it to read out text when you have a presentation, and you can use it to create an audiobook. Whatever you do with a text to voice, you need the best. In this article, I’ll talk about text to speech software, its features, and some of the best text to speech software. 

Text to Voice

Text to voice is also called text to speech, or TTS. This technology converts text into voice. You can paste, type, or upload a text into the text to speech. Edit the text and adjust some settings, and then download it in any audio formats you prefer. You can also use text to voice software to read aloud text from your device. It can read your text messages, emails, web pages, ebooks, and other kinds of text. To use this kind of text to speech software, you will have to install it on your device. After installing the software, you can then read different app’s contents in spoken words.

Features of Text to Voice Software

Multiple Voices and Languages

When searching for the best text to speech software, the most important feature is the number of voices and languages in the text to speech. Most text to speech contains multiple voices and languages for use. Some text to speech like google text to speech has more than 220 voices and 47 languages. 

A text to speech with many voices allows you to choose any of the voices you want for your project. This software has multiple voices of a language. For example, there is more than one English voice in most of the text to speech software. English voices could include American English, British English, and the English voice of your country.

Supports Multiple Text Formats

Text to speech software supports multiple text formats. It can convert different formats, such as PDF, TXT, DOCX, and ebooks. You can either type a text, paste or upload a document of any format into the text to speech.

Support Multiple Audio Formats

After uploading a text file into the text to speech, you can download it in any audio format you prefer. Text to speech software supports multiple audio formats such as WAV and MP3. The MP3 format is the best format for an audio file; it is clear to listen to compared to other formats. You can play the MP3 format on all audio players, including MP3 players.

Best Text to Voice Software

Google Cloud Text to Speech

best text to speech software

Google cloud text to speech is a screen reader software is a screen reader that reads aloud text on a screen. It has more than 220 voices across more than 47 languages that let you synthesise natural-sounding speech. One reason why you should use google cloud text to speech is that you can integrate with other apps owned by Google. 

Google cloud text to speech is powered by Google AI technology to convert text into natural-sounding speech. The software allows you to personalise the pitch of a voice you choose, with about 20 semitones. With Google cloud text to speech, you adjust the software’s voice speed rate to be up to four times faster or slower than the normal rate. 

Google cloud text to speech also allows you to customise your speech with an SSML tag. With the SSML tag, you can add pauses, time and date format, and word pronunciation instructions. When you use google cloud text to speech, you create a custom speech by recording a natural sounding voice. 

The software has a volume control; you can increase the volume by 16db and decrease it to -96db. Google cloud text to speech supports multiple audio formats like Ogg Opus, MP3, and Linear16.

Amazon Polly

best text to speech software

Amazon Polly is a speech synthesis software for developers. This software has an API; it allows you to put speech synthesis capabilities into text files, such as ebooks, email apps, text messages app, and news app. Amazon Polly converts text to speech; you should send the text through the API, and then the API will send an audio stream back to the application you intend to read. Amazon Polly supports multiple audio formats; you can save this audio stream as MP3, PCM file, and Vorbis file formats. Amazon Polly also supports multiple voices and languages; it has more than one English voice.


The best text to voice software is one with many voice and language options. It also has AI and API technology, and they allow you to convert text to speech. This technology also allows you to synthesise natural-sounding speech, and you can add custom voice to it.

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