What is the Best Text to Speech Website?

What is the Best Text to Speech Website?

There are several text to voice websites nowadays, but whichever is the best depends on different factors. The features of each text to speech website are similar, but some offer additional advantages that make them stand out as one of the best.

For instance, the average text to speech software offers about 20 languages, but platforms like TextVoicer have more than 45 different languages and accents.

This gives audio content creators a plethora of options to choose from. Besides many languages, other functionalities make TextVoicer and a few others stand out.

Here, we will look at some of the impressive features that a text to speech platform must have before being mentioned as one of the best software in the sea of programs available today. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Natural Voice Simulator

One of the biggest and possibly the most important feature that makes a text to speech website stands out as the best is the presence of artificial intelligence.

As you are generating voices, they mustn’t sound robotic so as not to bore out listeners. A robotic voice will sound lifeless and will certainly not get the message across in most cases.

However, text to voice websites like TextVoicer and the likes have an AI natural voice simulator engine that can convert text to human-like voices. The presence of AI means users can generate voice in 100%  natural voice.

The voice generated will have breathing sounds, pauses in-between speech and after sentences, expressions when necessary, and many other attributes reflected in human speech.

This gives the listeners the impression that it is a real human speaking and not a generated voice.

What is the Best Text to Speech Website

A Large Number of Varying Voices

Another way to identify one of the best text to speech websites is by the number of voices available for users. On average, you can get between 75 to 150 different voices on most text to speech platforms.

TextVoicer, for example, has more than 200 varying voices that you can choose from. This allows you to explore the perfect voice for the audio content or video you want to create.

You can also select whether you want a male or female voice. This means you can create a script of more than one character and integrate voices for each of them without hiring anybody.

Voice Tones

Your audience can deduce the mood of your audio or video content from the tone of the voiceover. This is why your voice needs to have the ideal tone that matches what the audio is about.

You can also choose the voice tone on good text to speech websites. You may decide to make the voice sound normal, excited or quick and can also alter the pitch in important parts of the script to highlight or emphasize them.

User-Friendly Interface

For a text to speech website to be considered one of the best, it must have an easy and user-friendly interface. Users must be able to find their way on the platform with little or no help.

TextVoicer has a straightforward interface that requires only about three clicks to generate a suitable voice. Within minutes, you would have converted text to voice via the drag and drop interface.

The ease ensures you can create more projects within a short time.

Affordable Prices

Another very important consideration is the price. With many text-to-speech websites available, you must find one with prices that matches the features on offer.

Also, you must ensure that the features on offer are necessary functions that will contribute effectively to the betterment of the voice generated. This is essential, so you don’t get swayed by functionalities that are only for aesthetics but come with a lot of money.

For all the features TextVoicer offers, you only need to pay once to get lifetime access to the website. After paying a one-time fee of $29.99, you can convert unlimited amounts of text to voice and also gain access to the AI natural voice simulator.

If that may prove too costly, the platform also offers a more affordable option of $4.5, which is also a one-time fee and is upgradable at any time. Despite paying less, you will be able to convert as much as 10k characters to voice.

Compared to subscriptions of as much as $1500, this represents a hugely affordable price, so you can easily convert text to speech on the go.

Output File Type

A good text to speech website should generate audio in mp3 or any other widely-used format.

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