What Are The Best Text-To-Speech Websites?

What Are The Best Text-To-Speech Websites?

As the demand for good audio content increases, so do many text-to-speech websites where you can convert your text to voice in a short space of time.

A radio-friendly voice with good narration skill and great content is the recipe for creating great audio content that will keep listeners interested and connected.

Unfortunately, not many people are blessed with charming voices. Fortunately, there are many professional voice-over artists out there.

However, the cost of hiring one keeps sky-rocketing. Also, what if you hire one, then subsequently need to add or update the audio?

There are many platforms where you can convert text to realistic human speech either for free or for only a token.

TextVoicer is one of the best text-to-speech websites that allows you to make human-like voices from your text within minutes. This platform has an AI natural voice software that uses natural language processing (NLP) to convert text to human-sounding voices.

With more than 40 languages and over 200 intonations and voice variants to choose from, you can use this website to generate a voice for your audio without the need for a voice-over professional.

As you have total control of the account, you can also edit your voices anytime you want. Should there be the need for an update in your audio or a change in voice, you can do that easily and quickly at your comfort.

What Are The Best Text-To-Speech Websites?

Advantages of Text-to-Speech Websites

There are many reasons why you should use a text-to-speech website to create compelling audio content.

Sometimes, it’s not just about the voice. Other things like noise can influence how effective your audio is.

Some of the numerous reasons why you should use a text-to-speech website to improve your speech or audio quality are:

Quick Conversion from Text to Speech

The process of converting text to speech has never been easier. With some of the best text-to-speech websites currently available, it only takes a minute or less to bring your text to life.

Here are three simple steps to convert your text to speech on TextVoicer.

  • Copy your Text

After preparing your script, the next step is to copy and paste it on TextVoicer. You may have cross-checked the text, but TextVoicer has an online text editor that can help go over it again to remove errors you may have missed.

  • Choose Preferred Voice

After pasting, you can choose your preferred voice. There are more than 40 languages with over 200 intonations and voices to select from.

You can also choose the speech’s tone, depending on the type of audio you are creating. You can make the speech a serious tone, joyful tone, or simply a normal tone.

You can also edit some other settings like the breathing and pausing, voice tones, speech speed and pitch.

  • Generate and Download

All is left is to generate and download your speech. The final file will be pushed out in .mp3 format to make integration into any platform seamless. You can also play it on the TextVoicer and try out other voices to find the perfect one.

Cut Costs of Hiring Professional Voice-Over Artist

Many audio content creators spend a lot on professional voice-over artists. While you cannot underestimate a professional’s expertise, there is really no need to strain your budget any more.

Also, what if you need to make an update to your audio in future? You will be forced to recall the voice-over artist, and this will go on and on.

Nevertheless, all you need to do is choose one of the best text-to-speech websites and generate a human-like voice that will keep listeners engaged to your audio.

Text-to-speech websites can also cut costs you may accrue when trying to make high-quality audio. Usually, you will need to buy several special tools to be able to produce good audio.

For example, a good recording microphone could cost as much as $700. However, there are many text-to-speech websites that offer significantly less than that – by just copying and pasting, you can save a whole lot of money.

Realistic Human-Sounding Voice

TextVoicer has an AI voice generator software that can make your speech sound natural. In fact, a survey showed that up to 98% of users did not know they were listening to a voice generated with a text-to-speech platform.

TextVoicer can convert text to speech in a human-sounding, radio-friendly, and enthralling voice with the use of realistic AI natural voice.

Noise Cancellation

While making audio, most people experience uncontrollable noise from their surroundings. It could be anything that interferes with your audio.

Sometimes you have to restart over and over again till you get tired, discouraged, and the eventual output isn’t what you planned.

Another advantage of using text-to-speech websites is that you will not face such problems. As the application is reading what has been pasted, there is no chance of noise or distraction.

This will remarkably increase your audio quality and ensure you provide optimum content.

Create Compelling Audio

All the above features and functionalities will help you create compelling audio. This ensures you will retain your listeners’ attention and keep them engaged.

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