The cost of subscribing to text to speech platforms varies depending on the platform you choose. However, text to speech represents a more affordable option of creating audio contents and voiceovers than many other ways you could go about it.

In fact, it could be the most affordable way of creating audio content. Not only is text to speech inexpensive, but it is also fast.

Usually, you have to subscribe to a text to voice website to get access to the service. The subscription cost for text to speech vary and range from a free trial of $0 to as much as $1000/year on some platforms.

Some text to speech websites like TextVoicer offers one of the best prices you can get in the market. You only need to pay once on TextVoicer to get unlimited access to a wide range of services, including AI natural voice generator, amongst many others.

By paying a one-time fee of $29.99, you will get lifetime premium access to all the features of TextVoicer. You do not have to be burdened by constant payments or unexpected deductions and cost for a text to speech service.

As soon as you pay, you no longer have to. For those who would prefer lesser payment, the platform also offers a neural package of $4.5 only, which is also a one-time payment.

Although lifetime access offers many more amazing features, you can also convert texts of up to 10k characters on the neural package, representing an incredible bargain.


What Can I Use Besides Text to Speech?


Besides text to speech, you may also choose to buy or rent out recording tools or hire a professional voiceover artist. However, not only do these cost a lot, but they could also be time-consuming.

For example, it costs about $100 to buy a recording microphone. You may still need to rent out an ideal location that is noise-proof and pay for audio editing software, amongst many other expenses.

Also, hiring a professional voiceover artist could cost as high as $3,500 per speech created. For video producers who create videos regularly, this could prove too expensive, especially if yo8 have not started making a lot of money from your work.

What are the Benefits of using Text to Speech?


There are several advantages of using text to speech platforms to convert your script to voice. No wonder text to speech is increasingly becoming popular amongst video content creators.




One of the biggest benefits of text to speech software is the amount of time it saves. Audio content makers usually spend hours and some times days or more creating the perfect voiceover.

They also need to find the location that is ideal for recording. All these may take a lot of time. However, using a text to speech software ensures you can get the job done in significantly lesser time.

In fact, you may only need about three clicks to convert text to voice, and this could take a minute or less.


Availability of Many Languages


Text to voice platforms offers users a plethora of languages to choose from. You don’t have to understand other languages to create audio content in them.

TextVoicer, for instance, offers users more than 40 languages to choose from. You can make your audio suit the language and accent your audience can understand more.

For example, your voiceover could be in British English, American English, Canadian English, Arabic, French, Mandarin, among many others.


Costs Lesser


Another obvious reason why text to speech is becoming more popular than traditional recording is that it costs significantly lesser.

As discussed earlier, you can convert text to voice with as low as $4.5, but a few hours in the studio will cost more than that.


Presence of AI Natural Voice Generator


Some people may be worried that a text to voice platform may sound robotic. However, with artificial intelligence (AI) in this tool, all voices sound 100% natural.

The AI voice simulator has breathing sounds, inflexions, natural pauses, emotions, expressions, and many other things present in human speech, making it sound realistic.


Significantly Cuts Human Errors


Another benefit of using text to speech platforms is that you can substantially eliminate human errors like typographical and grammatical errors.

This is because good text to speech software has an online editor that can check grammar, leaving your script and eventual result without errors.