With hundreds of text to voice software available for users nowadays, it is almost impossible to point to one as the best of the lot.

However, a handful of platforms have peculiar features and impressive functionalities that make them one of the best for video producers and audio content creators.

For instance, TextVoicer is a leading text-to-speech software that makes conversion easy for users. In a minute or less, you can successfully convert text to speech and publish it or integrate it into your videos for publishing.

You can use the software to create audio content like podcasts or for voiceover for YouTube videos, tutorial, sales and marketing videos, amongst many others.

Many other features make TextVoicer and some other text to voice software stand out. Here, we will look at why it is one of the most preferred text to speech website amongst content creators today.


AI Natural Voice Simulator


When converting text to voice, the output mustn’t sound robotic. An unnatural voice will almost likely bore listeners out because it keeps reading text plainly without expression and emotions.

This is why the best text to speech software must have artificial intelligence to produce 100% human-like voices. TextVoicer has an AI natural voice engine that ensures any text you convert to voice will sound just how a human would speak.

The voice will have breathing sounds, pauses after commas, at the end of sentences and in some parts of your script for emphasis.

It will also show emotions, and you can increase or decrease the pitch and speed of the voice to accentuate other parts of the text.


More than 40 Languages and Accents


With TextVoicer, you can convert text to speech in multiple languages. In fact, you can gain access to more than 40 languages besides English.

This is important for audio content creators who want to convert text to voice in different languages or accents.

For instance, if you have a British audience, it is important to use a British English accent. The same applies to American and Canadian English.

You can also convert your text to languages like French, Arabic, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.

Over 200 Distinct Voices


All voices on TextVoicer are different, and you have more than 200 to choose from. For creators who may want to bring a script with multiple characters to life, you don’t have to hire people to perform voiceovers for the cast.

You can simply use the plethora of voices available to play the script.


User-Friendly Interface


Another way to know a fantastic text to voice software is how easy it is to use. Despite having multiple impressive features, it is still important that the platform requires little or no help to use.

For instance, it only takes about three clicks to completely convert text to voice on a platform like TextVoicer. As soon as you create an account, the dashboard is user-friendly and self-explanatory.

In fact, the average user does not require any help to get started as all options are well-labelled and easy to find and use.


Affordable Pricing


Besides all the outstanding features, the cost is also important. Text to voice software should generally offer a simpler and more affordable option to other ways of creating content.

For instance, it could cost you up to $3500 to hire a professional voiceover artist per audio content. With text-to-speech, you no longer have to pay so much.

You also do not have to pay for high studio session fees, buy microphones or pay for expensive audio editing software.

With only a one-time payment of $4.5, you can get lifetime access to converting text to voice on TextVoicer. For artificially intelligent voices, you only need a one-time payment of $29.99, and you are all set for unlimited text to speech conversions.


Acceptable Output Format


A text to speech project is useless if it is not in an acceptable format that will make it easier to publish and integrate into videos.

This is why the best text to voice software must push out audio content in supported formats like mp3 and the likes.