Is There An App That Will Convert Text To Voice?

Is There An App That Will Convert Text To Voice?

Yes, there is an app that can convert text to voice, and you only need about three clicks to get the job done.

Gone are the days when content makers and video producers spent long hours and sometimes, days trying to record the perfect voiceover.

Now, with text-to-speech platforms like TextVoicer, you can easily convert your script to a human-like voice in minutes. This platform also has an AI engine that makes the voice you generate sound realistic.

Although many people attribute the presence of Artificial Intelligence to robotic voices, this is not the case. In fact, the presence of an AI voice generator is what makes a text to voice app like TextVoicer stand out.

This is because the voice generated can have pauses, breathing sounds, expressions, and emotions reflected in human voices.

What are the benefits of converting text to voice?

Why You Should Use A Text-to-Speech App to Convert Text To Voice

With text to voice apps gaining increasing popularity, here are reasons why leading video producers and audio content creators are turning to this innovative tool.

Significantly Saves Time

One of the biggest advantages of using a text-to-speech app to convert text to voice is the substantial amount of time it saves you.

Usually, recording a voice takes a lot of time and might take days to get the ideal voice to attract an audience and keep their attention.

However, with text to voice apps, you don’t need long hours of recording nor a noise-free location. All you need is a good text to voice platform, and in three clicks, you would have created a suitable voiceover.

This means you can create more in a short time, which can remarkably improve your overall productivity.

Saves Costs

Text to voice apps can also help you cut costs. To record a high-quality voice, you need a good microphone which may cost as much as $100.

You may also need to rent out a noise-free location with walls covered in foam and also pay for top quality audio editing software, among many other expenses.

However, you only need less than $30 on most text to speech platforms to get a one-time premium subscription. That is, once you pay, you don’t have to bother paying again and can use the platform to convert as many texts to voice as you want.

Also, a text to voice app ensures you don’t have to pay the high prices of professional voiceover artists.

For those who create audio content regularly, hiring a voiceover artist for each project may prove far too costly. Text-to-speech software offers a fantastic opportunity to get quality for significantly less.

Is There An App That Will Convert Text To Voice

More Languages

With text to voice apps, you don’t have to understand languages before creating voiceovers in them. You may only be an English speaker and still communicate in Arabic, Mandarin, German, French, Spanish, and many others.

If you are British but need to create content in American English due to the audience, a text to voice app can also help you create voices in the preferred accent.

With TextVoicer, you have the chance to convert your text to more than 40 languages and accents on the go.

AI Natural Voice Simulator

As discussed earlier, a good text to voice app has an AI natural voice simulator that makes the speech sound just like a human would.

When speaking, you give out breathing sounds and show emotions. You may also pause at some point, either for effect or after the end of a sentence. All these features that are evident in human speech are also in the voice you generate due to the presence of AI.


A text-to-speech app can convert text to voice in a minute or even less. All you need is three clicks to convert your script to a human-like voice, so this is expected to take just a minute or a little over that.

Eliminates Risk of Grammatical and Pronunciation Errors

TextVoicer has an online text editor that can spot grammatical errors. We often hear voiceovers that are stained with grammatical blunders or mispronounced words.

A good text-to-speech platform removes that possibility and ensures every voice you generate is free of grammar errors.

More Voices

Whether you want to sound like a man or a woman, a text to voice platform helps you do that. With more than 200 voices, you can convert text to any voice you prefer.

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