Is There A Program That Can Convert Text To Audio?

Is There A Program That Converts Text To Audio

Several programs can convert text to audio, and interestingly, it does not take much to get it done. In fact, you can completely convert a script to voice within minutes. Nowadays, you don’t have to spend hours or days recording voice any longer. In just three clicks, a program like TextVoicer can convert text to audio.

You can either publish the output or integrate it into a video as a voiceover. This makes it easier to create audio content than it has ever been.

Although many people may think converting text to audio using a program means the voice may come out as robotic or forced, this is not the case.

Text to speech platforms like TextVoicer, for example, have artificial intelligence engines that can simulate human-like voices.

With breathing sounds, pauses, emotions and expressions, amongst many other attributes of human speech, the voice you generate will sound 100% realistic.

This is why converting text to voice is becoming increasingly popular amongst audio content creators. 

Besides producing human-like voices, why do many people now prefer text to speech platforms to recording voices or hiring professional voiceover artists?

Is There A Program That Converts Text To Audio?

Availability of Different Voices

If you need a good voiceover for your video, you don’t have to record it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. You can create a video with different personalities and use the same text to voice platform for different voices.

For instance, if you create a video that requires more than one voice or different personalities, you can do so without needing extra people.

All you need to do is write a script for each character and choose out of the over 200 different voices on TextVoicer. You can select a female or male voice depending on each character.

You also do not have to spend time learning how to speak because all you now have to do is write a compelling script, and the AI natural voice simulator will convert it into a 100% human-like voice.

Helps you Save Costs

With text to audio software, you don’t have to spend money on hiring professional voiceover artists to help you record. You also don’t need to buy or rent microphones, studio session, or pay for audio editing software.

With as little as a one-time fee of $4.5 on TextVoicer, you can gain lifetime access that allows you to convert up to 10k characters to voice in many languages.

Compared to the amount it costs to hire a voiceover artist, which can be as high as $3,000 or more, text to voice offers a fantastic opportunity to create your projects without straining the budget.

Access to More Languages

You don’t have to understand more than one language to convert text to a voice in other languages. In fact, you can be an English speaker and create voices and audio contents in more than 40 languages if you use TextVoicer.

TextVoicer is a program that converts text to an audio in many languages and accents. You could make the voice sound British English, American English, Canadian English, French, Mandarin, Arabic and many others.

Saves Time

It saves time to convert text to audio compared to recording the voice. For instance, you only need about three clicks on TextVoicer to completely convert a script to voice.

This could take about a minute or two. As most audio producers spend long hours recording and editing, converting text to voice represents a great opportunity to get many projects done in record time.

Eliminates Pronunciation and Grammatical Errors

TextVoicer has an online text editor feature capable of spotting grammatical errors. We often hear voiceovers and audio that are stained with blunders or mispronounced words. 

A good text-to-speech platform removes these and ensures each voice you generate is free of grammatical errors.

Voice Tones

The tone of a voice matters. Audiences can deduce the mood from the voice, and you can also integrate this into the audio the program converts your text to. 

For instance, you can make the voice sound normal and professional, excited and cheery or fast-paced. You can also increase and decrease the pitch when necessary to emphasise certain parts of the audio.

All these benefits are why many video and audio content creators prefer using a text to speech program to convert their scripts. As the output comes out in mp3, which is easy to publish and integrate into any other file, it makes things easier for producers.

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