How to Use Text to Voice

There are many ways to use text to voice, but you may not know about them. To know how to use text to voice, you need to know some of the uses of text to voice. People of all ages can use text to voice for different purposes. I want you to keep reading because in this article I’ll tell you about how to use text to speech. Before that, I’ll tell you about text to speech and some of its uses.

Text to Voice

Text-to-voice is also known as text-to-speech or TTS. It is a technology for converting text into audio files. Text to speech can read text files of multiple formats like ebooks, DOCX, TXT HTML, and PDF. It can also convert graphics into text files, and it includes graphic formats like png and jpg. It converts graphics into text with the help of a tool called OCR. OCR means Optical Character Recognition; it scans documents and converts them into digital text. After that, Text-to-Speech converts this digital text into an audio file.

Text to speech can also download audio files in multiple formats. When making an audio file, choose the MP3 format because it is the best format for audio. They are formats like OOG and WAV. When converting text to speech, you will need to consider the voice speed of the audio file. The speed at which people listen to voice messages varies; older people might not listen to a voice message at a slightly faster speed. 

If you are making an audio file for older people, you need to choose a slower voice speed when converting the text file. On the other hand, young people can listen to a voice message at any speed; it might be slow or fast. When making text to speech, consider the person who will use it, and then set the appropriate speed for the voice file.

Uses of Text to Voice

For Creating Voice File

One of the uses of text to speech is to convert text into audio files. When you use text to speech for this purpose, you should copy and paste the text into the text to speech. After that, you can download your file in any format. You can then play the downloaded file on an audio player. If you download the file in MP3 format, you can use your regular MP3 player on your device to play the audio file. You can use the text to speech application to play the downloaded audio file if it has an audio player.

For Reading Out Text

Another common use of text-to-speech is for reading aloud text files or documents. If the text to speech you have is a reader, you can use it to read your text messages, emails, ebooks and web pages. Unlike text to speech converters, you do not need an external audio player for playing any audio files. The reader text-to-speech is a tool that helps you to read out text when you are busy relaxing. You can use it to listen to text or ebooks when you are walking or driving.

How to Use Text to Voice

Before I tell you about how to use text to speech, I want you to know that there are two ways you can use text to speech. You can use it as a converter or a reader. There’s text to speech converter and reader separately, but some text to speech can serve as both converter and reader.

As a Converter

how to use text to voice

If you want to convert a text file, get a good text to speech either online or an app. Paste the text into the text to voice; you can upload text into it if the text to speech permits. After that, you should then choose the kind of voice you want, whether male or female. You can also choose other voices or different accents; for example, you can choose an Indian English voice. You also need to set the voice speed and also volume. 

After the setups, you can preview the file and listen to the audio if that’s what you want. If you like the preview, you can then download the file in audio format. That’s just what it takes to convert text into audio files. You can listen to the audio file in the text to speech if it has an audio player, or you can simply play it with your audio player on your device. You should download the audio file in MP3 format because you can play it and MP3 player.

As a Reader

To use the text to speech as a reader, the first thing you should do is to install the app on your device. After installing it, you can then set up the app to read the text. You should set up the voice reading speed, and you should also set the reader’s volume. Some text to speech apps allows you to set it so that when reading out text, the volume will be higher than normal. Different apps have different ways of using them, but there are general features present in all text to speech reader apps. Don’t forget to check for the reading speed, volume, pitch and sound. When choosing a text to speech reader, choose one with natural human-like speech.


You can use text to voice in two ways. You can either use it as a text converter or as a reader. When you use it as a text converter, it changes text files into audio files. As a reader, text to speech read-aloud text in the form of documents, ebooks, text messages, emails and web pages.

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