How Should I Choose Text-To-Speech Software?

How should I choose a text-to-speech website

Many text-to-speech software applications are now being made due to the increase in demand for quality audio content and compelling voiceovers.

TextVoicer is one of the best text-to-speech software. It has a natural language processing (NLP) AI engine that allows it to simulate human-sounding voices.

While making audio or video, the sound or voice is as important as the content – little wonder why many media content creators spend a lot on hiring voiceover artists.

Although you cannot underestimate the impact of professional voiceover artists, there are many text-to-speech software tools available now that you don’t need to break the bank or waste too much time adding quality sound and voice your content.

Nevertheless, as there are many to select from, it is important to choose right. All text-to-speech software come with one primary function – converting text to speech.

However, some features make some more preferable to others. Presently, a text-to-speech software should be doing more than just converting text to voice.

For instance, the AI natural voice in TextVoicer allows you to convert text to speech and generate a non-robotic voice.

In fact, about 98% of listeners will not know they are listening to an AI-generated voice. That is how natural it is, and you do not need to do much, save copying and pasting your text.

In this blog, we will comprehensively go through some of the features you should look out for when choosing a text-to-speech software.

How should I choose a text-to-speech software website

Online Text Editor

You are likely to make mistakes while preparing your script and jotting your creative ideas for your speech down.

After writing, some text-to-speech software can run an online check to edit your text’s content before converting it to speech. This eliminates any error from the outcome.

For instance, TextVoicer can run a precise check on your text and edit it in the right places. It can suggest and add punctuation marks where appropriate to make it sound natural.

AI Natural Language Processing and Generation Tool

One of the most prime features to look out for when choosing a text-to-speech software is the AI natural voice generator.

A robotic voice will almost likely bore your listeners out. Imagine a voice that just keeps going on and on, with no emotions or change in pitch to reflect some key parts of a speech.

Most of your audience will know they are listening to a robot talk, and it’s just not exciting. They will certainly get discouraged and close the video almost as soon as they open it. This means the listener has no chance of hearing your content no matter how quality it is.

However, with an AI natural voice generator like TextVoicer’s, you will be able to convert your text to a human-like, radio-friendly, and compelling voice that will catch a listener’s interest and keep it too!

40+ Languages with 200+ Intonations and Voices to Choose From

What good is a text-to-speech software if you cannot find the language, voice or intonation that suits your needs?

When choosing your text-to-speech software, look out for the number of languages that it supports. The average text-to-speech software supports 23 languages.

TextVoicer has a wide range of languages and voices to choose from. There are more than 40 languages and 200 intonations/voices to choose from.

This allows you to have many choices to select from depending on the kind of video or audio content you are making.

Quick and Seamless Integration into Video Creation Software

Another functionality you should consider when you want to choose a text-to-speech software the final file output.

For instance, when making a voiceover for your video, the converted speech should be in a file type that is supported by the video-making software.

Many popular platforms like Adobe Premiere support .mp3 so you should look out for software that pushes the audio out in this format.

Breathing and Pauses

Breathing and pauses can make your speech sound human-like. TextVoicer text-to-speech software allows you to add breathing sounds and pauses to your speech.

This ensures your speech sounds a lot more natural. You can also add pauses where necessary or leave it to the AI engine to decide when to.

Without pauses, the voice will keep reading the text without any life in it. This will not only sound bland but bore out your audience as well.

Voice Tones

Your speech’s tone is important, and the text-to-speech software you choose has a significant role to play in that.

When converting from text-to-speech, the tone of the voice you use should be able to reflect the mood. Some text-to-speech software allows you to choose a serious tone, joyful tone, or normal tone.

Change Speech Speed and Pitch

A good text-to-speech software should also allow you to customise the speed and pitch of the voice.

It would be best to look out for these features when you want to choose a text-to-speech software.

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