How Do You Make A Slideshow With Your Voice?

How do you make a slideshow with your voice

The steps to making a slideshow with your voice depends on the application you want to use. Some tools allow you to make your video and record your voice directly on the same app.

A good voice is essential to any video, and you may undo the great work you have done to the slideshow if your voice is less than impressive.

Your audience will likely forgive or overlook a poor display but won’t sit around listening to an unimpressive voice or sound.

Besides recording a voice on some video-making apps, you can also convert text to speech. There are several text-to-speech platforms where you can convert your script into a natural human-like voice within seconds.

With TextVoicer, for instance, you can generate an AI natural voice that sounds just like a human and add it to your slideshow. It takes about three clicks, and you can make as many voiceovers as you want.

You also do not have to bother about hiring professional voiceover artists with exorbitant fees.

What you need to Make a Slideshow with Voice

Making a slideshow with your voice can be easy when you have all the required tools and resources available.

Here are some of the requirements that should be available when making a voiceover slideshow.

How do you make a slideshow with voice

A Microphone Recorder or Text-to-Speech Tool

You can use a microphone recorder or text-to-speech tool to record the voice you will use for your voiceover. The microphone could be a stand-alone or built into your computer.

When recording with a microphone, you must look out for many things like your breathing, pitch, external noise, pauses, clarity, intonation, and many others.

If the device you want to record with does not have a pop filter, ensure it does not catch any external noises.

Also, when recording with a microphone, use a small room, turn off any fan and shut the door.

However, besides using a microphone, you can also convert text to speech with TextVoicer. Simply prepare your script, paste it on TextVoicer and choose the preferred voice you want.

The AI voice generator is realistic, and a survey showed that up to 98% of listeners would not know it is not a human voice.

What else can you do with TextVoicer?

  • Online Text Editor: TextVoicer’s AI software can run a precise check on your text and edit it appropriately. It can add punctuation marks where necessary to make it sound natural.
  • 40+ Languages with 200+ Intonations and Voices to Choose From: It has a wide range of languages and voices to select from. You can use English and more than  40 other languages with different variations and intonations like British English, US English, French, German, etc.
  • Voice Can be Added to Any Video Software: All the voice generated can be seamlessly added to your slideshow.
  • Breathing and Pauses: When you record with a microphone, breathing sounds and pauses are bound to be part of your voiceover. You can also add that to your voiceover with TextVoicer.
  • Voice Tones: You can use a normal voice tone or a quick, excited, and joyous one.
  • Change Speech Speed and Pitch: You can also customise the speech with the speed or pitch.

Slideshow Software     

Also, find suitable software to make your video slideshow. The most common types are Microsoft PowerPoint, and Google Slides.

While some may argue that these tools have a limited toolkit, you can explore other options that will help you create a pro-looking slideshow.


What is a slideshow without pictures? Prepare the photos you want for your project. You don’t have to copy the entire pictures folder; simply go through the pictures and select the ones that match your slideshow’s purpose. If you are taking pictures afresh, try to take different types of images; landscapes, close-ups, portraits, group shots, etc.

Your Script

Prepare a script. It may not be an entire write-up and could only be some key sentences to keep you flowing. You also need a script for any text-to-speech tool like TextVoicer. Prioritise clarity in your script.

Steps to Make your Slideshow with Voice

Step 1: Browse through your photos and choose those suitable for your script. Arrange the pictures on the timeline and if you have many, group them into collages. You can also use templates.

Step 2: Consider adding music. A slideshow or video making software should have some you can choose from. Use sound that matches your project. Also, use fade-in and fade-out effects to put more life into your work.

Step 3: This is where you record your voiceover. You can use slideshow software if it has an audio recording feature or generate a natural voice on TextVoicer in minutes. When you are done, download your voiceover and add to the slideshow.

Step 4: Here, you can play around with your creativity and add some stylish and funky intros between the chapters.

Step 5: You are done with the creative part. Create your video and download in a suitable format for the kind of platform you want to use it on.

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