How Do You Edit Your Voice In A Video

How do you make a slideshow with voice

There are many reasons why you will want to edit your voice in a video. You could want to improve the voice’s quality, adjust the sound of the voice for anonymity, and add some effects to it, amongst others.

Whatever your reasons are, the methods of editing your voice in a video are similar. Many software applications are available that make it easy to change your voice, improve it, and edit sound quality.

You can also use text-to-speech software platforms like TextVoicer to convert your text into a natural AI-generated voice. It allows you to create radio-friendly voices for as many videos as you want in three clicks!

TextVoicer allows you to create and edit the voice in your video. You can add breathing and pauses to your voice, increase the speed and pitch, amongst many others.

With over 200 human-like voices and intonations to choose from, this text-to-speech software helps you improve your overall video quality and keep your listeners and viewers engaged for the whole duration of the video.

In this blog, we will comprehensively examine how you can edit your voice in any kind of video like YouTube videos, tutorials, training, sales, educational, explainer, and many others.

How to Edit your Voice in a Video

TextVoicer allows you to generate, edit and add a non-robotic voice to your video. There are more than 200 to select from, and it supports more than 40 languages, including language variations like US English, Canadian English, Indian English, German-French, and the likes.

The process of editing your voice on TextVoicer only takes three clicks. This means you will save precious time that comes with spending long hours recording and editing.

The AI-generated voice sounds just like a human would. A recent survey showed up to 98% of listeners could not differentiate between a human voice and an AI-generated one with the only 2% coming from listeners who had to listen repeatedly.

How do you edit your voice in a video

Prepare your Speech

The first step to using a text-to-speech tool like TextVoicer is to write down the content of the speech. It is recommended you use a text application to make copying easy, but if you feel more comfortable with a pen for starters, that’s fine.

Copy Text to the Text-to-Speech Platform

After you are done writing, the next step is to copy and paste the words into the text-to-speech software.

Use the Online Text Editor

While typing, you may have made some grammatical errors. So that this error will not reflect in the voice, TextVoicer has a feature that can edit the content of your text.

It can offer suggestions, add punctuation marks and fine-tune your text to remove mistakes. This will ensure your video is not littered with errors that can put listeners off.

Choose Preferred Voice

Next, choose your preferred voice. As we said earlier, there are more than 200 to choose from on TextVoicer. You can scroll through, trying each of them out till you find the right one for your voiceover and video.

TextVoicer also allows you to choose if you want a male, female, or child’s voice.

Edit Voice Settings for Video

You can also edit some other voice settings like the breathing and pausing to make the voice sound natural as well as speech speed and pitch to fit seamlessly with your video.

To edit the speech speed and pitch, all you need to do is adjust the slider in the appropriate section. You can hear the voice change based on your choices.

Choose Voice Tone

You can also select the voice tone you want your audio and video to resonate. Remember, your voice has a lot to do in your video.

Beyond narration, it will communicate the mood of the video. Therefore, you should select the ideal one that suits the type of video you have created. You can choose between using a normal tone, serious tone, or joyous tone.

Generate and Download

The next step is to generate the voice and download it. TextVoicer will push the voiceover out in .mp3 to make it easier to use on any video creating platform.

You can play it multiple times and try out other voices to find the perfect one.

Add to your Video

The final step is to add the voiceover you have created and downloaded to your video. In most video creating apps, you will tap the audio option, and go to the folder where your downloaded voiceover is.

With these steps, you will create and edit your voice for your video in minutes. TextVoicer allows you to make and edit several voiceovers for different videos.

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