How Do I Record a Voiceover on YouTube?

How do I record a voiceover on YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest video content platforms. Many people use it daily, and just like Google, you can almost certainly find whatever you are looking for there.

With billions of users worldwide, many YouTube channels spring up daily where people can get information.

This means competition is increasing by the hour, and if you are a video content creator on YouTube, you must put concerted efforts into ensuring you deliver the best.

Good sound and voice can be hugely effective in achieving quality video content. While video also plays a huge part in delivering high-quality content, you should not forget the sound.

One of the best ways to record a professional and top-notch voiceover for your YouTube videos is by using text-to-speech software like TextVoicer.

TextVoicer allows you to record a voiceover for any type of video content like explainer videos, sales videos, educational and YouTube videos. It takes only three clicks to do this, and you can be done in a minute or less.

This ensures you can record as many voiceovers as possible for your video within a short space of time.

As the costs of professional voiceover artists are not budget-friendly, one of the smartest and equally effective way to go about yours is to use exceptional text-to-speech software.

how do i record a voiceover on youtube

How to Identify a Good Text-to-Speech Platform

Several text-to-speech software tools are available to use. TextVoicer is one of the most effective, and here are some of the features it offers:

  • AI Natural Voice Generator

This is a core feature of TextVoicer and other quality text-to-speech platforms. It allows you to generate the most realistic voiceover recording possible.

The generated voice is non-robotic and natural. In fact, up to 98% of listeners cannot differentiate between an AI-generated voice or a human voice with the remaining percentage having to listen repeatedly.

  • Online Text Editor

After preparing the text, you would have likely made grammatical errors that can negatively affect the voiceover.

However, you do not need to go through it over again. You can use the TextVoicer online editor to check for errors in your text and correct them.  

You can set the feature to run checks for you anytime you want to record a voiceover for your YouTube videos. It can add punctuation marks where appropriate to make it sound natural.

  • More than 40 Languages and Over 200 Accents and Intonations

When recording a voiceover for your YouTube videos with a text-to-speech tool, look out for one that supports many languages, especially a variety of intonations and accents.

TextVoicer has a wide range of languages and voices to choose from. You can add US English with many variations, Indian and British English, Canadian and German French, etc.

  • Quick Integration into Video Creation Software

If you are creating a voiceover on a text-to-speech platform, the output should be easy to add to your video. If not, what’s the point?

The most generally accepted format of audio for video creation apps is .mp3.

  • Human-Like Features like Breathing and Pauses

One very useful feature that can put life into your voiceovers is breathing sounds and pauses. Breathing sounds ensure the voice you add to your video sounds non-robotic. You can also add pauses where necessary or leave it to the AI engine to decide when to.

Steps to Record a Voiceover on YouTube

Many people can forgive a poor display, but will not waste a second watching or listening to a video with a terrible voiceover or sound.

That is why you must ensure you record a high-quality voiceover for your YouTube videos. As there are many video content creators on YouTube, you are likely to lose viewers if you cannot provide palatable sound or voiceover.

Also, you must ensure that the voiceover and video are in tandem. You don’t want to have said something before the video shows it or vice-versa.

Here are the steps to record a quality voiceover for your YouTube videos:

  • Write your Voiceover Speech

The first step is to write the content of the voiceover down. It is recommended that you type it out to make it easier to put it into the text-to-speech website.

  • Copy and Paste the Speech

Go to your preferred text-to-speech platform and copy your text into the box provided.

  • Choose Voice and Generate

Before choosing your preferred voice, don’t forget to run checks on your text to see if you have made a mistake. Correct all grammatical errors with the app’s online text editor.

Next, choose your preferred voice. If there are many, try and go through all or at least most of them to find the perfect voice for the kind of YouTube video you are making.

You can also edit the voice tone and make it ideal for your video as well as choose whether you want a male, female, or child’s voice.

  • Download and Add to your Video

The final step is to download the voiceover and add it to your YouTube video. You can do this on the video-making app you use.

This way, you will improve your video content with high-quality voiceovers and sound that will keep listeners and viewers glued to your YouTube channel.

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