How Do I Add Professional Voice To A Video?

How do I add a professional voice to my video

Recording a voice and adding it to your video could be a daunting task. In-between trying to ensure your voice sounds professional as possible, noise-free, no stutter or errors, seamless flow, among many others, it could get burdensome.

However, it no longer has to be. You can add a professional voice to your video within minutes. In fact, with certain special applications and tools that have this built-in functionality, you can create a 10-minute long voice-over in 10 seconds!

For example, adding a professional voice over is one of the core features of TextVoicer. This tool allows you to add any kind of voice to your video.

It has more than 40 languages with over 200 intonations and accents. The tool also has an AI natural text-to-speech software that ensures all voices are human-sounding.

You can read the text in a normal, joyful, and serious tone and also add human-like reading attributes like pauses and breathing if you want. This professional voice ensures you hold viewers’ attention and keep them glued to the video.

Gone are the days when both amateur and professional video creators had to go through long hours of recording and editing to get the perfect voice.

With several tools and applications like this, you can create as many types of videos as possible without worrying about sound and voice.

how do I add a professional voice to a video

How to Add a Professional Voice Over to a Video

Here are steps to follow to add a professional voice to your video successfully. You can these steps for any kind of video like explainer videos, YouTube videos, tutorial and training videos, sales videos, and educational videos, among many others.

Write your Text

The first step in adding a professional voice over to your video is writing your text down. This is the speech you want to speak in the video.

Choose your Text-to-Speech Tool

The next step is to choose your text-to-speech tool. The application will help convert the text into a professional human voice that will be suitable for your type of video.

In choosing a text-to-speech platform, there are a few important things you should take note of. Take TextVoicer for example; with the following features and functionalities; it can significantly improve the quality and professionalism in your video:

  • 40+ Languages with 200+ Accents to Choose From: A good text-to-speech platform should have a wide range of natural voices to choose from. This is so you can have many choices to choose from depending on the type of video you want to add voice-over to. You can add US English with many variations, Indian and British English, Canadian and German French, among others.
  • Online Text Editor: The TextVoicer AI software can run a precise check on your text and edit it in the right places. It can add punctuation marks where appropriate to make it sound natural.
  • Seamless Integration into Other Video Creation Software: What’s a good text-to-speech tool if you can’t use it on popular video creation software like Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Camtasia etc.?
  • Breathing and Pauses: Breathing sounds ensure the voice you add to your video sounds non-robotic. You can also add pauses where necessary or leave it to the AI engine to decide when to.
  • Voice Tones: Sometimes, to add a professional voice to a video, it needs to sound different from a normal voice.
  • Change Speech Speed and Pitch: You can also customise the speech with the speed or pitch.
  • Adds Inflections

Copy Text to your Text-to-Speech Platform

After checking for the above features in your preferred text-to-speech tool, it’s time to copy the text you have written into the speech generator.

It is as simple as copying and pasting. Literally.

Choose Preferred Voice

Next step is to add a professional voice to your video from the numerous options available. You can also choose either a female or male voice.

A professional voice needs to sound natural and a bit serious. Therefore, you will use the appropriate button to choose the kind of sound you want your voice to have.

You can also edit some other settings like the breathing and pausing, voice tones, speech speed and pitch to reflect the proper level of professionalism you want.

Generate and Download

The next step is to generate the voice and download it. The final file is usually in .mp3 to make it easier to be used on video creating platforms. It is now ready to be used.

You can play it on the text-to-speech platform and try out other voices to find the perfect one.

Add to your Video

The final step is to add the professional voice-over you have created and downloaded to your video.

With these steps, you will be able to create and add an error-free, smooth, and natural professional voice to your video.

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