How do I Add More Voices to Text to Voice?

Most people add more voices to text to voice because they don’t like the old ones. Some people do it because they are tired of the old one, or they just feel like they want more voices. What about you? It might be that you are looking for a voice in your accent, or you might want to add your voice to the text to voice program. You might want to listen as the text to voice reads text aloud in your voice. Don’t worry; you can do it. Text to voice software allows you to add more voices, including your voice. This article tells you different ways to add voices to text to voice after considering what text to voice is and why you should add more voices to it.

Text to Voice

Text to voice is a technology that converts text into voice. It is also known as text to speech or TTS. This technology converts text files into audio files. It also reads text aloud with a natural human voice. Text to speech can convert text files of different formats, like PDF, DOCX, TXT and HTML. It converts these files into audio formats like WAV and MP3. 

Text to speech also changes photos into text, and it uses OCR to perform that function. OCR is a tool that scans documents and converts them into digital text. When you upload a photo containing text into the OCR, it changes that photo into text, as mentioned earlier. 

After converting a photo into text, the text to speech will convert the text into an audio file. It does the same when it scans a document. The OCR and other components make it for text to speech to convert text into audio files. 

Why You Should Add Voices to Text to Voice

Voice and language

When choosing a text to speech, the first thing you would check is the voices and languages in it. You would likely check the number of voices in the text to speech and if it has the kind of voice or language that you would like to use. Some text to speech has more than 200 voices and 50 languages. An example is Google cloud text to speech; it has 220 voices.

Text to speech allows you to add voice to it, either by downloading or recording a voice. When you have more voices in a text to speech, you can choose the right voice for a reading, either male or female.

Add Your Voice

Text to speech makes it possible for you to add your voice to the program. It has voice recognition and speech synthesis tools that allows you to add your voice. When you add your voice, you can listen to the text as it reads aloud in your voice.

How You Can Add More Voices to Text to Voice on Android

Get your android and go settings, and then click system. Under System, you’ll see language and input. Click the language and input, and scroll down to text to speech output. In the text to speech output, scroll to language and choose the voice you want to add. Below that, you can change the voice speed and pitch.

How You Can Add More Voices to Text to Voice on Windows

Add More Voices to Text to Voice

If you’re using window 10 and you want to add more voices to text to speech, you should go to settings and then click time and language. Next, you should click region and language. What you’ll see on the right side of the page is input with your country in it. Below it, you’ll see an Add language, where you can add and download any language you prefer.

After downloading it, return to settings and click ease of access, and then you’ll see narrator options on the right side. Scroll to the choose a voice option, and select the new voice.

How You Can Add More Voices to Text to Voice From the Internet

To add more voice from the internet, you should first connect to a network. After that, go to Click enter and click the “click on this link” box, and a download window will appear. When the window appears, click save file and open and install the new voices in the window text to speech once it downloads. After downloading the voice, go to your computer setting and add it.


There are different ways you can add voices to your text to voice. If you’re an android or window user, you can do it from your settings. You can also download more voices from the internet. Download a text to speech app and record your voice to add it to the program.

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