How can I Use Text to Voice for My Small Business?

Text to voice for your small business

If you want to use text to voice for your small business, you should first figure out where to use it. After figuring out where to use it, you can then know how to use it. When you use text to speech for your small business, you are using it to improve the business’s user experience. When people come to your business, or when they come across it, you’ll want them to stay. You can make them stay by making it easy to use your website. Text to speech gives them the option of listening to web contents in spoken words if they have difficulty reading text. This article will tell where to use text to speech and how you can use it. First, let’s see what text to voice is about.

Text to Voice

Text to voice is the same as text to speech. You can also call it TTS, the short form of text to speech. It comes as a converter and also a reader. Text to speech is a technology that converts text into voice. This technology also read aloud text in spoken words. 

Uses of Text to Voice

For Reading Aloud Text

When you install a text to speech app on your device, you can use it to read text on your device, whether your computer or phone. You can use text to speech to read out news, emails, text messages and ebooks. 

A good text to speech allows you to adjust the voice speed, pitch and volume. With background playback, you can listen as the text to speech reads and do other things on your device. You can use the text to speech to listen to a text file while doing other things like in the kitchen, driving or walking.

For Converting Text

If you need an audiobook, you should get a text to speech application. You can use it to convert text into voice. Type, paste or upload your book into the text to speech and then download it in audio formats like MP3 or WAV. Text to speech can convert different text formats like PDF, DOCX, and TEXT. When choosing an audio format, pick the MP3 format because almost all audio players support it. The MP3 format is also clear when you play it. Don’t forget to set the voice speed rate and pitch. 

How You can Use Text to Voice for Your Small Business

Reading web pages

Text to voice for your small business

If you have a small business, you should have a website to promote it. On your website, make consideration for people with reading challenges. One way you can do that is to add text to speech to read aloud the contents of the web pages. When you do that, your client can listen to the contents as it reads aloud. It might not be everywhere, but it should be in places with bulky or important messages. You can make it automatically speak out new modifications, promotions, or features on your websites.

To Read Out blogs

Text to voice for your small business

Writing blogs is another way to promote your business website. When you write a blog, it should be interesting, relevant, and it should answer common questions people ask relating to your business. After writing a good blog, you post it online for people to read it. 

Add text to speech to your blog to make people listen to it in spoken words. Most people don’t read a blog to the end; they only scroll through it. When you add text to speech, you will make them listen to your blog to the end. They can listen to it as they do other things on their device or around them.

To Read Out chatbot

Text to voice for your small business

A chatbot is a technology that enables you to send automatic replies to your customers. If you have a business, you like your customers to come back for more patronage. You can make that dream real if you create a good customer care service. It should not take days for you to reply to your customers, or don’t make the mistake of not replying at all. If you do that, your customers will go somewhere else where they’ll get feedback instantly. 

You can also give your customers instant feedback by integrating a chatbot with text to speech. The chatbot gives your customers automatic replies to their questions while the text to speech reads aloud the replies to them. When you do that, you would be giving your customers the best customer service experience ever. 


If you’re an entrepreneur, you can use a text to voice for your small business by adding it to your website. Use it to read aloud important contents on your site or new features and promotions. You can make people listen to your blog to the end in spoken words. Make use of text to voice to give your customers the best customer service experience.

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