How Can I Use a Text to Voice for Presentation?

how can i use text to vioce for my presentation?

You can use a text to voice for a presentation if you want your audience to understand the presentation quickly. Everyone understands a message when they hear and follow it on a screen rather than telling reading it alone. Instead of showing your audience the text on a screen alone, it should also read aloud to your audience hearing. Text to voice is a tool you can use to read out your presentation. It doesn’t take much time to set up, and it is easy to use. I like you to keep reading because I’ll tell you how to set up text to speech for your presentation. Before going to that, let’s see what text to speech is about.

Text to voice

Text to voice is also the same as text to speech or TTS, so don’t be confused because I’ll use them interchangeably. As the name implies, text to speech is a technology developed for making voice files from text. It converts documents into audio files. You can listen to the audio files on an audio player. That kind of text to speech is known as the TTS converter because it converts text files into audio files. There is also the text to voice reader; it reads aloud text. You can use it to read your documents, emails, ebooks, text messages, and web pages.

What You Should Know About Text to Voice

Multiple Text Formats

Both the text to speech converter and reader can convert and read multiple text formats. Text to speech converters can convert text formats such as PDF, TXT, and DOCX. The text to speech reader can read text formats like PDF, ebook, Word, and Web pages. A text to speech can convert all those audio formats into audio files.

Multiple Audio Formats

After uploading a file into the text to speech, it converts it into an audio file. Text to speech supports multiple audio formats. There are different audio formats like OOG, WAV and MP3. You can use any of those formats for your audio files in your presentation. The MP3 format is the best among other formats. It is the best because it is clear to listen to, and many music players support that format.

Change photos and documents

Text to speech can read the text in photo formats like PNG and JPG. It can convert photos into digital texts and then converts the digital texts into an audio file. Text to speech also scans documents, such as paper documents. It scans the documents and converts them into text. After that, the text to voice converts the text into voice. All these are possible because of OCR present in text to speech. OCR means Optical Character Recognition, and it scans documents and photos. It converts them into audio files.

Voice and language

The voice and language of a text to voice is the most important part of the application. When choosing a text to speech, select the one with multiple voices and languages. It should have many voices and languages available. You can search for a text to speech with about 200 voices and 50 languages. Among the voices, you can choose the one you prefer. 

You can also choose any accent that you like to use for your presentation. When you choose a text to speech with many voices, there is a probability that you’ll find the voice or accent you want to use for your presentation. It is also the same when you choose a text to speech with many languages.

How to Use Text to Voice for Presentation

how can i use text to vioce for my presentation?

Most people use Microsoft Powerpoint for presentation, and I’ll tell you how to set up text to speech in PowerPoint. You should first open PowerPoint and create a presentation. Select the file and then select the option to open the PowerPoint Window. 

After that, click the Access Toolbar, and you’ll see a drop-down box with Choose Command. Select All Command, and scroll through the Command’s list. Put the Speak command to the quick access toolbar by double-clicking it, and then click Ok to close the Options window. 

To make the Speak icon in the Quick Access Toolbar active, select the text you want to use for the text to speech command. Lastly, click the active Speak icon to read aloud the text in spoken words.

You can convert the text you want to use for presentation with a text to speech converter and then play it along with the text. Whether the text to speech is a converter or reader, select a voice speed that is suitable for your audience. The voice should not be too fast or slow; it should go at a normal speed depending on your audience. It is also important to set the appropriate volume to make your audience hear the voice.


Make use of text to voice for your presentation to make your audience understand better what you’re telling them. Follow the article’s steps to make TTS speak out the text in your presentation. Select a suitable voice speed and volume. 

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