How can I Make a Voice File with Text to Voice?

You can create a voice file with text to voice if you have good text to speech. There are many text to voice you can use to create a voice file, and there are also different ways of making it. To create an audio file, you’ll need to access text to speech online with a browser, or you’ll have to download a text to speech converter app. You can also download an app that’s both a converter and reader. To know more about how you can create an audio file with text to speech, you should read this article to the end. I’ll tell you about some text to speech features that allow you to make a voice file, and I’ll also tell you how to create a voice file with text to speech.

Text to Voice

Text to voice is one of the easiest terms to define because its name already tells you about it. There is more to know about text to voice; you can also call it text to speech or shorten it to TTS. This technology creates a voice file from a digital text. You also say it this way; it converts text into an audio file. 

Besides creating a voice file, text to speech reads text aloud with a human-like voice. You can read digital text and contents on your device using a text to speech reader. A reader can read aloud the contents of apps like emails, ebooks, text messages and web pages.

Voice File

As the name implies, a voice file is a file that gives out sound when you play it. Voice files created with text to speech have human voices. These voices have a natural sound. You can create an audio file in your voice using text to speech. After creating an audio file, you can play it on any audio player, especially if the file is in MP3 format. 

There are many reasons why you might need to create a voice file; it could be to listen to it while you are relaxing. You can also listen to it while doing other things, like driving, walking, or cooking in the kitchen. A voice file could also be useful for students, kids, and people with reading difficulties.

Text to Voice Features that Allows You to Create a Voice File

It can Convert Multiple Text Formats

Text to speech supports multiple text formats; you can use it to convert different text formats. Some text formats include PDF, TXT, and DOCX. Using text to speech, you can convert all those formats into audio files.

It can Create Multiple Audio Formats

There are different audio formats that text to speech can make your audio files, and they include WAV, Linear16, Vorbis, PCM, and MP3. When making an audio file, download it in MP3 because all audio players support this format.

Adjustable Voice speed and Volume

The voice speed of an audio file is something you should consider when making a file. It can be faster or slower than normal, depending on your choice. A slower speed would be suitable for older adults, kids, and people with reading difficulties. When making a voice, choose a voice speed that suits you or the user. 

You would want the user to concentrate while listening to the voice, but you might be wondering if that’s possible. Yes, it is possible if only you increase the volume of the voice file.

It Uses OCR

OCR is important to text to speech because it scans documents and photos and changes them into digital text. Using AI and API technology, the text to speech converts the digital text into audio files. OCR is compatible with photo formats like PNG, JPG and JPEG.

How You Can Make a Voice File with Text to Voice

voice file with text to speech

To make a voice file, you need to use a text to speech online or the app. Put the text, either by pasting, uploading or typing in it. The next thing to do is adjust some settings like the voice; you can choose a male or female voice for your file. 

Select any accents or language you prefer. Don’t forget to add commas and full stops at the appropriate point. Commas and full stops help the text to speech to stop to breathe at the right point when reading. 

After all the settings, make sure you preview it to check if it meets your needs. If it meets your needs, then go ahead and download it in a voice file. Before downloading it, select the voice formats you prefer, whether MP3 or any other formats.


If you want to create a voice file with text to voice, you must get a text to speech converter. The text to speech converter converts text into voice. It could be online or in an app.

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