How can I Get Text to Speech with Different Accents?

text to speech with different accents

It is easy to get a text to speech with different accents if only you know what to check in any text to voice you find. There are text to speech applications with different accents, but you might know if you don’t check them. By now, you must be wondering about what to check in a text to speech web application. You’ll know what to check as you read this article. I’ll first tell you some things about text to speech and its features.

Text to Speech

Text to speech is a technology that changes text into an audio file. It is also known as text to voice or TTS. Text to voice can read texts of multiple formats. It can convert different text files, including TXT, PDF, HTML, and DOCX. A good text to voice can convert texts in graphic formats. Graphic formats include PNG, JPG, and JPEG. Text to voice can convert all these files into audio files. 

When downloading an audio file with text to voice, you can choose any formats you want for your file. You can choose WAV, OOG, or MP3. It will benefit you to choose the MP3 format because you can play it with your regular MP3 player. Making an audio file is much easier than you might think; all you have to do is to paste the text into the text to voice. You can choose to upload it if there’s a chance for that in the application. After that, download the text in any audio formats you prefer. That’s how easy it is to make an audio file using text to voice.

Some Features of Text to Speech

Voice and language

Voices and languages are the most important features of any text to voice. A good text to voice has many voices and languages available for use. Some text to voice web applications have hundreds of voices and also more than 10 languages. One example is Textvoicer; this text to voice online has more than 200 voices and 47 languages available for use. There are other text to voice applications with many voices and languages.

Adjustable Voice Speed

Different people have a voice speed they are comfortable with when listening to an audio file. Older people and kids might be comfortable listening to an audio file at a much slower voice speed. Young adults can listen to audio files at a normal voice speed. Also, people choose voice speed depending on how fluent they are with a language. A slower voice speed would be better if you’re not fluent in the language. If it is your native language, you can choose a normal or a little fast voice speed. There are other reasons for adjusting voice speed, but we would not mention them. The most important thing is for you to choose a voice that’s suitable for you.

Built-in OCR

The first thing you should know about OCR is that it means Optical Character Recognition. It is a technology for scanning documents, and it changes it into digital text. Some text to voice applications have OCR built in them. This OCR scans and changes texts on paper into digital texts. Then, the text to voice converts these texts into audio files. OCR can also extract texts in graphics like JPG, JPEG and PNG. 

Multiple File Formats

Text to voice applications can convert texts in multiple formats. It can convert different formats, including DOCX, PDF, ebook, and HTML. It can convert all these text formats into audio files. In any text to voice, you can download audio files in multiple formats. These formats include OOG, WAV and MP3. One advantage of the MP3 format is that it has clear sounds, and you can play it on your MP3 player.

How to Get Text to Speech with Different Accents

text to speech with different accents

Choose a Text to Speech with multiple voices

A text to speech with multiple accents will not be the one with few voices. A good text to speech will have nothing less than 50 voices and 20 languages. Some text to speech have multiple voices within an accent. For example, some text to speech applications have more than one Indian voice within the Indian accent. These multiple voices come in both male and female voices. 

Text to speech with many voices and languages can have up to 200 voices and 50 languages. The more the voices in a text to speech, the more the number of accents. When choosing a text to speech, go for one with many voices.

Choose Text to Speech for Specific Accents

If you want a specific accent, you should choose a text to voice that the producers make for that accent. For example, if you want a text to voice with an Indian voice, you should go for an Indian text to voice web application. One advantage of accent-specific text to speech is that it gives you a wide range of voice within that accent.


To get a text to speech with different accents, you have to look for one with many voices and languages. You should know that the more voices a text to speech have, the more accents. Also, focus on the number of voices within an accent.

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