How can I Get a Text to Voice with Emotion?

how can i get a text to speech with emotion?

A text to voice with emotion makes listening to audiobooks enjoyable. At times, we may listen to dramatic reading, and you notice that it conveys emotion at the right point. Everyone loves listening to readings with emotion than just a plain one. You might have a storybook or ebook that you love reading because it is lively. You can convert this book into an audiobook, and listen to it and feel the emotions exactly how the writing conveys them. When you get a text to voice, you need to set up the web application to give you the voice file you prefer. You’ll see how you can create a voice file with emotion and what makes it work. You’ll also know the basics of text to speech.

Text to Voice

Text to voice, Text to speech, and TTS are all the same. You can use it to make a voice file. It can convert text into voice. It can convert as much as 3000 words of text into an audio file. Text to speech also serves as a reader; you can use it to read aloud text. It can read aloud text messages, emails, web pages, and ebooks. It can read aloud all those text formats in spoken words.

Features of Text to Voice


Some text to speech have OCR or can access a built-in OCR on your phone. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and you can use it for scanning documents. With this OCR’s help, text to speech scans paper documents and then converts them into digital text. After that, the text to speech converts this digital text into an audio file. Using the OCR, you can also convert photos into text and then into an audio file. The OCR is an important part of any text to speech web application.

Multiple Voices and Languages

The number of available voices and languages is the most important feature of a text to speech. The best text to speech are those with multiple voices and languages. Some text to speech can have more than 200 voices available for use. These voices include different accents and also male and female voices. 

Some text to speech applications allow you to add voices; you can add your voice to it or any other voice. When you use a text to speech with many voices, you’ll have a wide range of to use for your project. You can also use a text to speech that has many languages for your project.

Multiple Text and Audio Formats

All text to speech supports multiple text and audio formats. It can convert different text formats like PDF, DOCX, and TEXT. Text to speech can convert all these formats into audio files. The audio files can either be WAV or MP3 formats. Text to speech can read out different text files like ebooks, PDF, emails, and Web pages. It can read out these text formats in spoken words.


API means Application Programming Interface, and it receives a text in a text to speech application. The text passes through it, and then the API returns an audio stream. API also lets you integrate voice synthesis capabilities into text.

How You can Get a Text to Voice with Emotion

how can i get a text to speech with emotion?

First, you need to know how text to speech works. Text to speech uses artificial intelligence to a database of human voices for training the computer to make natural-sounding human-like voices. It also uses Automatic Speech Recognition, also known as ASR, to get sound waves from human voices and then create language data with the sound waves. 

With these technologies, you can add your voice with expression or emotion to the text to speech. One way to add expressions is to record each of the expressions individually; record specific words that convey emotion individually. There are many expression sounds like laughing, screaming, and yawning. All of these expressions can indicate the emotions in the text. 

You can indicate a question by adding a question mark at the end and make individual recordings for it. There are lots of sounds and expressions you can use for children’s voices; you can use them when converting a storybook into an audiobook. You can also use them when reading out an ebook with the text to speech. 

Before converting a text, you need to edit it. Add commas and full stops at the right places because it affects how a text to speech reads out text. Text to speech usually stops for breathing at commas and full stops like real humans.


When searching for a text to voice with emotion, consider getting one that allows you to add voices and expressions. Due to AI, API and ASR, you can create different sounding human-like voices in a text to speech.

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