Difference Between a Text to Voice Online and the App

Difference Between a Text to Voice Online and the App

Text to voice online and the app is something you might have heard about, and you might be wondering what they are. As you may have noticed, the two might look somehow similar, but they are not the same. You might be doubting if you can use both of them for the same purpose or have different uses. Whether they have the same or different uses, a text to speech remains the same. It is for converting and also reading text. I’m sure you’ll want to know more about text to voice online and text to voice apps. If you do, continue reading because I’ll tell the difference between them, and also some similar things they can do. For you to understand them better, let’s first talk about text to voice.

Text to Voice

Text to voice can also be called text to speech. You can shorten it to TTS. Whatever you call it, you should know that it is a technology that converts text into natural sounding voices. When you upload text into a text to speech, it converts that text into an audio file. Text to speech also converts text into voice by reading text aloud in spoken words. It can convert text files of any format, such as PDF, TXT and DOCX. You can convert all those text formats using text to speech. 

Text to speech supports different audio formats; you can download audio files in any format you want, such as MP3, PCM, or WAV. Text to speech can read aloud any text of text, including ebooks, emails, web pages, and text messages.

Uses of Text to Voice

For Reading Text Aloud

difference between a text to voice online and the app

Text to speech can read text aloud; it can read any type of text on your device. Text to speech can read aloud in multiple text formats, including ebooks, emails, web pages, text messages, and news apps. You can use text to speech to read the apps’ contents if you install it on your device. 

Text to speech that reads text aloud is called a reader. You can use a text to voice reader to read aloud contents on your device while doing other things. It could be when you’re driving, in the kitchen, or while walking. You can use it to read aloud your news app to listen to the morning news. 

A text to speech reader has background playback that allows you to listen to your voice file while doing other things on your device. You can use text to speech readers for many other things, but these are just a few I’ll mention.

For Converting Text to Voice

You can use text to voice to create a voice file by either going online or getting the app. Type, paste or upload the documents you want to convert into the text to speech. After uploading and editing the text, you should download it in audio formats. You can use text to speech to convert different text formats like PDF, ebook, and a web page. 

Text to speech can download audio in multiple formats like Linear16, Oog, PCM, WAV and MP3. After downloading the file, you can listen to it with an audio player. When creating an audio file with text to speech, you can choose the MP3 format because it is compatible with all audio players. It is also clear when you listen to it.

Difference Between Text to Voice Online and App


As the name implies, you can access a text to speech online while you are online. That means you need a browser to reach a text to speech online. You must also connect your device to the internet. Text to speech online are websites that offer text to speech services online. You can reach them by typing their URL, and you should use a search machine to search for them. 

It can convert Text

After locating any of the websites, you can upload text into it and download it in audio formats. You can select some settings like the voice, whether male or female. There are also voices of different accents available.

It cannot read apps

One setback of the text to speech online is that it cannot read aloud the contents of apps like emails, text messages, and ebooks. To read aloud the contents of apps, you’ll need a text to speech app, or you can use the inbuilt software.

Text to Speech App

It can convert Text

Unlike text to speech online, you can access a text to speech app without using a browser. If you don’t want the stress of going online with a browser, you should consider using a text to speech app.

It can read apps

Another advantage of a text to speech app is that some of them can read contents aloud. It could be the contents of an ebook or emails. It is one of the differences between the app and online.


The difference between text to voice online and the app is mainly on accessing them and what they can do. To access a text to voice online, you will need a browser. You don’t need a browser to access the text to voice app.

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