Difference Between a Text to Voice Converter and a Reader?

Text to Voice Converter and a Reader

The difference between a text to voice converter and a reader is based on their uses. The two tools are both text to voice that changes digital text into human-like speech. If you’re not familiar with the text to voice, you might not understand what a converter or a reader is in a text to speech. They can be two separate apps, or both the converter and the reader might be integrated into a text to speech app. Whether they are in their app or a single app, they have some similarities and differences. You should continue reading this article to know the similarities and differences of a text to voice reader and converter. First, I’ll tell you about the text to speech.

Text to Voice

Text to voice is a tool as known as text to speech or TTS. It converts text into natural-sounding speech using AI and API technology. You can convert text by typing, pasting or uploading it into the text to speech. After that, you can download the text in any format you prefer.

Text to Voice Converter

Support Multiple Text Formats

A text to voice converter can convert any text format into audio files. It can convert formats such as PDF, TXT, DOCX, and web pages.

Support Multiple Audio Formats

After converting a text into an audio file, you can download the audio file in any format you prefer. You can download it in MP3, WAV, Ogg Opus, Linear16, and Vorbis. Depending on the text to speech application, you can download an audio file into any of those formats.

Multiple Voices and Languages

Text to voice converters usually has multiple voices and languages available for use. After uploading the text, you would have to choose the language or the voice you want for your audio file before downloading it. Some text to speech converters has more than 200 voices and 50 languages for use. These voices include more than one or two voices of a language. For example, some text to speech has more than one English voice. They could be both British and American English.

Adjustable Voice Speed

Some text to speech gives you the option of setting a voice speed before downloading the audio format text. You can set the voice speed to as fast as 4x if the normal speed.


Almost all text to speech applications have OCR; it is a tool for scanning documents. OCR scans and extracts text from physical documents, and then it converts the text into digital form. OCR also extracts text from photos. It can extract text from photo formats such as PNG and JPG. After extracting the text, it will convert it into digital text.

Text to Voice Reader

Ability to Read Multiple Text Formats

Text to speech readers read aloud the text on screens. It can read different text files such as ebooks, emails, web pages, Word documents, and PDFs. It can read aloud text in all those formats, and it can also read aloud the contents of apps.

Multiple Voices and Languages

Text to speech readers like Google cloud text to speech has many voices and languages available for use. It has more than 220 voices and over 50 languages available. Text to speech readers has multiple voices of a language. They usually have more than one English voice and also more than one Indian voice.

Adjustable Voice Speed

Text to speech readers come with an adjustable voice speed rate. You can increase the voice speed to be 4 times faster than normal, and you can also make it slower. The voice adjustment depends on your choice and how fast you can listen to the sound.

Adjustable Volume

Most screen readers have an adjustable volume; you can increase or decrease. You increase it to 16db or lower it to -96db. Set a volume that is suitable for you.

Built-in audio player with Background playback

All text to speech readers has inbuilt audio players that play sounds. Some of these players have background playback that allows you to listen to the sound and at the same time, do other things on your device.

Difference Between a Text to Voice Converter and a Reader

text to voice converter and a reader

Text to speech reader machine changes text into speech, and you listen to this text in spoken words. The reader reads text aloud to the user; it doesn’t have to create an audio file before playing the text. Text to speech readers come with a built-in audio player that plays the sound to you. It comes with both AI and API technology that helps in converting text to speech. This technology allows you to make speech synthesis and also customise the voice. You can also add your voice to it.

Text to speech converter changes text into speech by creating an audio file. In a converter, you type, paste or upload the text into it. After uploading the text, you can change it into an audio file by converting it into audio format. You convert it into audio formats by downloading the text. These audio formats can be in the form of MP3 or WAV. You can play the audio files with an audio player.


The difference between a text to voice converter and a reader is mainly about how you use them. Text to voice reader reads text aloud from a screen; it can read contents like messaging app, emails, news app, and web pages. Text to voice converter converts text into audio format. It creates an audio file you would download and listen to with an audio player.

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