Can Text to Voice Speak Like Humans?

A Text to voice can speak like humans if only it has a natural voice. These kinds of text to voice are software that you install on your device. Everybody likes it when their text to speech talks with natural human-like voices. These voices are somehow interesting when you listen to them. If you are planning on using text to speech, you would want one that has a natural human voice. You can even make the text to speech read-aloud text with your voice. Probably, you’ve started wondering how that’s possible and if you would need an expert to do it. To know how to do it, you need to read this article. This article tells you about text to voice, its features, and the software.

Text to Voice

If you’ve been reading articles on this blog, you will notice that we’ve defined text to voice more than two dozen times. We’ll still define text to voice because some might be reading on this blog for the first time. When you see the terms text to voice and text to speech, you should not be confused because they are the same. You can also call it TTS, which is a shortened form for text to speech. 

Text to speech is a technology that changes text into voice. It converts text into voice and then reads it aloud. The kind of text to speech that reads text aloud is known as readers, while converters change documents into an audio file. You will need a music player to listen to the voice file. 

A reader reads contents on a device; it could be apps like a news app, ebooks, emails and web pages. To read the app’s contents on your device, you would have to download the text to speech reader app from an app store. In the case of a converter, you don’t need to download the text to speech app. You can go online; text to speech online converts text into audio files.

Text to speech can convert different text formats, such as PDF and DOCX. You can convert these text formats into multiple audio formats like WAV and MP3. When converting text, choose an audio format of your choice. It should be one that you can play on all audio players, and that kind of format is MP3.

What Makes Text to Voice Speak Like Humans?

Voice and language

The first thing to check in a text to speech is the number of voices and languages available. Whether a reader or converter, a good text to speech would have lots of voices available. Some text to speech has more than 200 voices and around 30 to 50 languages. An example of text to speech with many voices and languages is Textvoicer; it is a text to speech online with over 200 voices and 47 languages. 

text to voice speak like humans

Another example is Google cloud text to speech; this software has more than 220 voices and 50 languages. One of the advantages of using a text to speech with many voices is that it gives you a wide range of voice options. There is the chance that you will find any voice or language you intend to use for your audio file.

Natural sound

A text to speech that talks like humans usually has a natural sound. These natural sounds are usually in human voices. Unlike in the past, modern text to speech read text aloud with a real human voice. Don’t be surprised to know that you can also add your voice to the text to speech. That’s if you want an audio file to be in your voice. 

To get a human voice, text to speech uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) for speech synthesis, which is the recording of human voices. Artificial Intelligence makes a database of human voices for training the computer to make a human-like speech. Application Programming Interface, popularly known as API, is a technology that also allows you to integrate voice synthesis capabilities into text. 

API also works as a medium through which you send a text you want to convert. Then, the API returns with audio streams. Another technology that makes text to speech read-aloud text with a human voice is Automatic Speech Recognition, also known as ASR. ASR gets sound waves from human voices and then makes language data with the sound waves.

Text to speech uses any of these voices you choose to read aloud text. With the help of these technologies, text to speech can read aloud text with human voices. 


Text to voice can speak like humans because of the level of technology that we have today. Some technology like AI, API and ASR allows for speech synthesis. With these technologies, text to speech can store multiple human voices in its database. You can also add your voice in a text-to-speech database.

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