Can Text to Voice Read Storybooks?

Can Text to Voice Read Kids Story Books?

If you want a text to voice to read kids storybooks, you’ll need to get a text to voice app to create an audiobook. To read kids storybooks, you’ll need a good text to speech because kids’ storybooks are different from other kinds of books. Text to voice readers can read all kinds of text and books, as far as it is in a digital format. Most of the text to speech readers are apps that you install on your device. These apps can read text aloud in any voice you want for your book. You would want to know more about this text to voice app, how you can use it to read kids storybooks. If you do, then keep reading this article.

Text to Voice

Text to voice, otherwise known as text to speech, is a technology that converts text into sounds. Depending on the text to speech, the sound can be natural sounding human-like speech. You can use text to speech to create an audio file; this kind of text to speech is called a converter. 

Text to speech readers read text aloud with a natural human-like voice. To use this kind of text to speech, you have to install the app on your device, or you can use the inbuilt software on your device. Text to speech can convert text files of multiple formats, such as PDF, DOCX, and TXT. It can convert text from ebooks and web pages. 

Using OCR, text to speech scans documents and converts them into digital text. It makes use of the OCR to convert photos to text, by extracting the text from the photo and changes it into digital text. The OCR converts photo formats like PNG, JPG and JPEG. After converting the text into audio, you can download it in any format such as WAV, PCM, Linear16, Vorbis, and MP3.

Features of Text to Voice

Adjustable Voice Speed

Most text to speech comes with adjustable voice speed to set how fast or slow the voice speaks. This feature is important for older adults and kids because they might like to listen to the voice slightly slower than the normal speed. Setting the voice speed depends on the kind of book you’re listening to and the book’s content. When playing a storybook to your kids, make it a listen slower to make them enjoy it.

Adjustable Volume

Text to speech comes with an adjustable volume to set it to a rate that suits you. Setting volume to high or low depends on the kind of text you’re playing. If it is a story, you can increase the volume of the text to speech. When you increase the volume, you’ll enjoy the reading, and you’ll concentrate on the sound that’s playing.

Kids Storybooks


use text to voice to read kids storybooks

To listen to kids storybooks, you’ll need a text to speech reader app. You should install the app on your device and use it to play the storybooks. To listen to a storybook, it must be an ebook. Make use of a text to speech reader to listen to the ebook in human-like speech. Text to speech can read aloud contents of digital books such as ebooks.

Text to speech can also read text aloud with emotion. It can indicate happiness, sadness, and screaming. It uses ASR, AI and API for speech synthesis; you can add your voice to the text to speech. To make a text to speech read aloud with emotion, you should record specific words individually.

Physical book

If the storybook is in physical form like on paper, you can use a text to speech converter to change the book into a digital book. Text to speech converter uses OCR to scan a book and convert it into a digital format. You can then use a text to speech converter to convert this digital book into an audiobook. You can then play the audiobook with an audio player. 

When converting the book into an audio file, choose the kind of voice your kid likes, whether male or female. You also select the accent your kid loves most; it could be their native language. Set the voice speed before downloading it; you can set it slightly slower or normal. 

After completing the settings, you can download the file in any audio format you want, such as MP3. Choose the MP3 format for your kid’s audiobook because it is clear when you listen to it. You can also play it on any audio player.


Text to voice can read kids storybooks with natural human-like speech. If the storybook is an ebook, you can use a text to voice reader app to read aloud the books to them. If it’s a physical book on paper, use the text to voice converter to scan the book and change it into a digital book. After that, convert it to an audiobook and play it to the kids with an audio player.

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