Can I Use Text to Voice to Read my Ebooks?

Text to voice can read your ebooks with a smooth, natural voice. That’s possible if only you have a text to voice software on your device. Listening to your ebooks rather than reading them gives you some form of comfort. It also helps you to manage time because you can listen to your ebooks and at the same time do other things. A lot of text to speech are available out there that you can use for reading your ebooks. Some read it better than others because of the features they possess. You would want to know the kind of text to speech app you should get to read your ebooks and the features that make them better. Then, read through to the end because the answers are at different points in the article.

Text to Voice

Text to voice is a term that is easy to define because the name already tells us what we need to know about it. As the name implies, text to voice is a technology that changes text into speech. Text to voice is also known as text to speech or TTS. This technology reads out text in spoken words, and it also makes voice files. It reads out text with a natural human voice. 

Text to speech can convert text files of any format; it could be PDF, TXT or DOCX files. It doesn’t stop at that because text to speech can also convert photos into text. Text to speech uses Optical Character Recognition, also known as OCR, to scan documents and convert photos to text. Some photo formats you can convert with OCR include PNG, JPG and JPEG. 

After converting all these file formats to text, the text to speech then changes the text into an audio file. You can download the audio file in different formats, such as MP3 and WAV. Choose any format you like, and all audio players should support it.


Ebook simply means electronic book; it is a book in digital form. Like a real book, ebooks have multiple pages with text and images. You can read an ebook only on your computer or smartphone.

Use a Text to Voice Reader App to Read Your Ebooks

Text to Voice to Read Your Ebooks

Text to speech reader is a kind of text to speech that reads text aloud. It does not convert digital text into audio files; rather, it reads them. You can use a text to voice reader to read an ebook with a natural human voice. To read aloud an ebook, you would have to install a text to speech app. Although text to speech readers read text aloud, some can convert an ebook into an audio file.

Text to speech comes with many options to enhance the reading. Some of them include adjustable voice speed and adjustable volume. When listening to an ebook in spoken words, you should make sure the voice speed is right for you. You enjoy some stories more when the voice is slow, while some stories are good with a fast voice speed. 

Any voice you choose should be a voice that leaves you comfortable. If you’re finding it hard to focus on a book that you’re listening to, increase the volume to draw back your attention. A high and low volume might be suitable for different circumstances and different books. You need to discern when to increase or decrease the volume.

Text to speech can also read your ebooks with emotion, but there are some things you need to do. You should add your voice to the text to speech database. It is not just that; you should also record some words individually. Those words should be the ones that indicate emotions like happiness, sadness and anger.

Use a Built-in Text to Voice to Read your Ebooks

Make use of text to speech to read ebooks and epubs on your computer. You should open the ebook and select the file, then select the option to open the ebook Window. 

The next thing is to click the Access Toolbar, and a box will drop-down with Choose Command. Select All Command, and scroll through the Command’s list. Put the Speak command to the quick access toolbar by double-clicking it, and then close the Options window. 

Select the book you would like to use for the text to speech command to activate the Speak icon. After that, click the active Speak icon to read aloud the book.


If you want to use text to voice to read your ebooks, you should consider installing a text to voice reader app or use the built-in software on your computer. Text to voice will read aloud your ebooks with natural human voices. If you like, you can add your voice to the text to voice database so that you can listen to your ebooks in your voice.

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