Can I Put Text to Voice on My App?

put text to voice on your app

Having a text to voice on an app is something every app owner would like to do. There are many ways you can put text to voice on your app, and the kind of app you have doesn’t matter. You can put text to speech on different apps, from private or personal apps to business apps. When you put text to speech on your business app, you would be giving your clients their best app experience. You might still be confused about where to put, and what to do with a text to speech if you put it on your app. Don’t worry, just continue reading because I’ll tell you where to put text to speech on your app and what your clients can do with it.

Text to Voice

As the name implies, text to voice, also known as text to speech or TTS, is a web application for converting text into spoken words. You can use text to speech to read aloud text on your device. It could be text messages, emails, ebooks, web pages or a news app. You can convert text by typing, pasting or uploading it into the text to speech application. After that, you can download it in any audio format.

Why You Should Put Text to Voice on Your App

To make people listen to Text

put text to voice on your app

Depending on your app’s contents, you can put text to speech to make people listen to the content in spoken words. When you add text to speech on your app, you consider those with reading challenges. They can listen as the text to speech read aloud contents on the app. Some people are usually in a rush, and these people don’t read much. When they do, they only read halfway. Having a text to speech on your app will be beneficial to this type of person. They can use it to listen to your app’s contents in spoken words.

To give them the best experience

In business, people do ask questions about your products or services. They’ll be happy to get instant replies to their questions. They’ll be happier when they get instant replies in spoken words. Put text to speech in your customer service to give your customers a voice reply anytime they ask a question. Your customers would be happy doing business with you, and they come back for more business. They will also recommend your app to their friends and followers online. 

Kinds of App to Put Text to Voice

Ebook App

If you have an ebook app, it is important to add text to speech to it. An ebook app has many digital books in it, and they can be any book, including storybooks. Make your ebook app interesting to use by putting text to speech in it. Users can use the text to speech to listen to any book of their choice in a natural human-like voice. Most books are usually lengthy, and it can take a long time to cover them. Users can text to speech to listen to it if they want to cover the book quickly because listening to text saves time than reading them.

Messaging App

Like the ebook app, this is another important app to add text to speech. Set the text to speech to read out text automatically when you get a reply from a friend. Some text to speech is also in reverse form, that is, speech to text. Users can use it to write down their words and send them to their friend, and it will also read aloud their friend’s reply. It makes messaging easier than in previous times.

News App

The world is fast-changing, and it is also changing in how people listen to the news. Today, most people listen to news from their mobile devices. There are also many news apps online which people can download. Not all news apps have text to speech; add text to speech in your app to stand out from others. Instead of reading the news, users would be able to listen to the news. Older people like listening to the news than reading them, and more younger people are also moving in that direction. You can beat the competition in the news app market by putting text to speech in your app.

Language Dictionary

Today, there are more language dictionaries than in previous times. This dictionary translates words from one language to another. Like in a normal English dictionary, you can put text to voice in a language dictionary to speak out the correct pronunciation of words in another language. Users can also use it to read aloud the whole content of a page containing a word’s meaning. The language dictionary app is one of the apps in which text to speech will be very useful.


You should put text to voice on your app to make users listen to your app’s contents in spoken words. It could be a messaging app, language app, news app or ebook app. When you add text to voice technology to your app, it will stand out from others in the app market.

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