Can I Make an Audiobook with Text to Voice?

Can I Make an Audiobook with Text to Voice?

If you want to make an audiobook with text to voice, you need to get a text to voice application and then the book you want to convert. There are many advantages of converting your books into audiobooks, and those are what may have drawn you into making an audiobook. Using text to speech to make an audiobook is easy, and it takes just a few minutes to do it. Text to speech makes a great audiobook with natural-sounding human-like speech. To make an audiobook with text to speech, you should continue reading this article. If you continue reading, you’ll not only know how to make an audiobook, rather you’ll know how to create a good audiobook you’ll love to listen to all the time.

Text to voice

You can refer to the text to voice as text to speech, depending on your choice. It is also called TTS. TTS is a shortened form of text to speech. Whatever you call it, you should know that it is a technology that converts text into sound. A good text to speech converts text into human-like speech. You can use it to make an audiobook. Text to speech makes an audiobook automatically. It is better than manually recording a book.

Why You Should Use an Audiobook

Help People with Reading Challenges

People with reading challenges have difficulty seeing things. They cannot see texts in a book properly. You can convert their books into an audiobook to make them listen to them rather than struggling to read. People with other forms of reading difficulty can also convert their books into audiobooks. They listen to it and, at the same, follow it up in the book.

Listen to It while doing Other Things

It is not only when you have a vision problem that you should use an audiobook. You can use it if you’re too busy to read. Make use of an audiobook if you have many things to do, and you need to cover a book. You can also use it to save time. Listen to your while you’re doing other things like your chore at home. You can play it aloud or listen to it with an earpiece. You can listen to it while in the kitchen, while you’re driving or when walking on the road. 

If You have Many Books to Read

You should turn to text to speech to create an audiobook if you have many books to read within a short time. You should use text to speech to convert your books, whether physical books or ebooks, into audiobooks. College students can use text to speech to create an audiobook if they have a lot to read for the semester, especially when the exam is near. They can listen to it to cover their book as fast as possible before the exam, and also save time. It is easier to understand an audiobook than reading a book.

For Your Comfort

It is not only when you have reading challenges, lots to read, or multitasking that you can use an audiobook. You can use text to voice to create an audiobook and listen to it anytime. It could be while you’re doing nothing or while relaxing. You can use an audiobook whenever you feel like listening to it.

How to Create an Audiobook with Text to Voice

Create an Audiobook with Text to Voice

If you want to create an audiobook, you can download a text to speech app or go online. Whichever one you prefer, you can paste or upload the book into it. You can also type text into it, but typing would take a lot of time if you’re converting a book with lots of words like in thousands. 

If it is a physical book, you use OCR to scan the book and upload it in the text to speech. You can also extract text from photos with the OCR. After uploading the book, choose between a male or female voice. You can also choose the accent you want for the voice. Choose a language that you enjoy listening to, and it could be your native language. 

Select the voice speed you prefer for your audiobook and don’t forget to select the volume. After all the settings, preview the audio file. Listen to it to see if you like it. If you are not satisfied, you can readjust the settings to something that suits you. You should preview it again until you’re satisfied. 

If you like the result, you can then download the audio file in any format. You should choose the MP3 format because all audio players support the format. You can also save the audiobook in cloud storage. If you save your book on a cloud platform, you can access it from another device.


You can make an audiobook with text to voice online or the app. It is easy to create an audiobook with text to voice. It takes just a few minutes to convert a book into an audiobook. All it takes is to upload the book and download it in an audio file of any format.

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