Can I Convert Text to Voice?

convert text to speech

You can convert text to voice if only you know the right tool to use. Today, the use of voice files is growing, and creating a voice file involves using text to voice application. Converting text to voice is easy, and it is something you can do yourself. You can use a text to voice online or a text to voice app for converting text files into audio files. After accessing text to voice online or using the app, you still need some guidelines on converting the text files into audio files. You should continue reading to know how to use a text voice to convert text into audio files. Before that, I’ll tell you what text to voice is and some of its features that will benefit you.

What is Text to Voice?

As its name implies, text to voice, also known as text-to-speech or TTS, is a tool for converting text into voice. It converts documents into audio files. Text to voice can convert multiple text formats and also change graphic or photos into text. It can also create a voice file in multiple audio formats. Besides using text to voice for converting text files into audio files, you can use it to read out documents or eBooks on your device.

Features of Text to Voice

Multiple Text Formats

Text-to-voice can convert multiple text formats, and some of those formats include PDF, TXT, DOCX and HTML. It can also change graphics or photos into text, and some of these photo formats include PNG and JPG. After changing photos into text, the text to voice will convert the text into a voice file.

Multiple Audio Formats

When you use text to voice to create an audio file, you can choose any audio format you prefer. You can choose WAV or MP3. Among these formats, the MP3 is the best format for an audio file. The MP3 format is clear to listen to, and you can also play it with an MP3 player.

Voices and languages

One thing to consider when choosing a text to voice is the number of voices and languages available. When you choose a text to voice with a wide range of voices and languages, you can choose your choice’s different voices. Some text to voice online have as much as 200 voices and also 50 languages. An example is Textvoicer; this text to voice online I have over 200 voices and 47 languages. 

If you want to convert text into an audio file, using text to voice like Textvoicer will be preferable because it gives you a wide range of voices and languages you can use for your work or project. It also has multiple voices within an accent that means you can try different voices of an accent and choose the best for you. For example, some text to speech with many voices have more than one Indian voice; they usually have up to 4 or 6 Indian voices. 

When it comes to languages, text-to-voice with many languages usually have more than one language for a particular group of people. For example, some text to voice contains up to 9 Indian languages.


OCR means Optical Character Recognition, and it is for scanning paper documents into digital documents. It also changes photos into text. It can change different photo formats like PNG and JPG. After scanning and changing into text, the text to speech then converts the digital text into an audio file of any format.

Adjustable Voice Speed

Adjustable voice speed is also an important feature in text-to-speech because it will be of no use if you have an audio file you cannot listen to and grab the message’s sense. Set the speed of any voice file you are creating to meet the needs of the user.

How to Convert Text to Voice

convert text to speech

To create a voice file, you have to first get a text to speech online or an app. After that, you should copy and paste the text in the text area inside the Text-to-Speech. You can also upload the file into the text area if the website or app supports it. Don’t forget to select the voice type that you want, whether male or female. 

Also, choose the voice of an accent that you prefer for your audio file. Also, don’t forget to set up the text to make the audio files smooth to listen to by putting punctuation in the right place. Put commas and full stops at the appropriate place because it affects how the voice will read when you listen to it. 

You should also set the voice speed rates to suit the needs of the user. If the user is an older adult or a kid, you can set the voice speed rate to be slow. If it is a young adult, you can set it to normal or fast, depending on the person. After all the setups, preview the file and listen to it if that’s what you want. If you like the preview, then download it. If you follow these steps when making a voice file, you’ll end up with a good voice project. 


You can convert text to voice by following the guidelines listed in this article. Edit the text by putting commas and full stops appropriately, and choose the kind of voice you want, whether male or female. Also, choose the voice of an accent you prefer, and don’t forget to adjust the voice speed and pitch. Then you can download your voice file.

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